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incense stick

Product Detail

With OVER 5 years in selling Incense Stick as well as Incense Material, we,RISING EXIM, would like to introduce you our best Agarbatti as follow.

Product Quick Details :
  • Brand Name: Lola
  • Place of Origin: INDIA
  • MOQ: 1000 dzn
  • Type: Stick Incense
  • Material: Wood
Product Specification :
  • Origin: INDIA
  • Length: 8,9,12 inches (your choice)
  • Diameter:1.3 and 1.5 mm (your choice)
  • Number of Stick/kg: 700 - 1000 (Depend on each kinds of Sticks)
  • Color: black, orange, yellow, white.
  • Moisture: 8 - 12%
  • Packing: in bundle, 0.5 - 1kg/bundle, 25kg/carton, 13.5 MT/20FT


  • Material: Bamboo sticks, glue, Charcoal, wood powder
  • Length: as per buyer’s request, normally 8”, 9” for INTERNATIONAL market
  • Colour: White , Black , yellow ,orange , (choice)
  • Permeability: 25 - 30%
  • Burning time: 35 - 45 minutes/pcs

Incense Stick Packing Details

particulars Hexagonal Square Pouch
No of sticks 20 8 20
Length of sticks 8” 8” 8”
Cartons packing 24 dozens 50 boxes 12 dozens
Weight of the carton 16 kg 25 kg 6 kg

Incense stick Uses :

  • The incense stick can be used to sanctify or purify a space and is a good aid to meditation or deep relaxation.
  • Incense stick are also used as room freshner and for mood refreshner
  • incense stick is lighted to remove unpleasant odors in the air. It creates the perfect setting for an auspicious ritual by filling the air with a pleasant smell.
  • As they release smoke, they also act as organic disinfectants that drive away insects.
  • To Inspire yourself : There are certain flavors of incense sticks such as lavender, sandalwood, etc. that inspire writers, singers, and other artists to execute their art form perfectly

incense stick Flavour :

Lavender Incense Stick

As a prominent exporter and wholesaler we offer the lavender Incense Stick which are provided with a soothing and compelling effect and gives aroma for a long period of time.

We fabricate these incense sticks using supreme quality materials and supply them at a reasonable price in the market.

These incense sticks clients are highly admired in the market owning to their considerable features such as long lasting fragrance and environment friendly.

With high quality packings of different access we provide Hexa shape package contains 20 sticks and square package contains 8 sticks

Mogra Incense Stick

Flowers have an immediate impact on our happiness. They bring with them lot of positivity and delight. The fragrance of flowers have a long-term positive effect on our moods.

They reduce depression, anxiousness and agitation to a great extent. Flowers make intimate connections, they increasing our connectivity with family and friends.

Mogra which is famously known as Jasmine flower is one of the most beautiful and fragrant amongst all flowering plants in Asia. The flower is also referred to as Kundumalligai, Arabian Jasmine

Mogra bloom in summer and monsoon and some verity blooms in winter.

Mogra is incomparable with any other flower, its five white petals are a tiny box of fragrance. It gives a high to the brain, it buzzes with happiness and serenity.

Have them in your garden and see a magical difference. In India, the Mogra flower has a great religious significance; it is known as a favorite flower of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi.

Green Apple Incense Stick

Green Apple Fragranced Incense Stick will refresh your mood with the mild savory and fruity aroma. We provide best hand-dipped agrabatti in India for meditation, prayer halls, and everyday uses

  • Pure & fruity fragrance helps in uplifting the mood
  • These incense sticks are known for their natural aroma and are eco-friendly
  • Our incense sticks are delivered in short time, as we follow customer oriented approach
  • Offered incense sticks are widely used in parties, festivals and temples to create a positive atmosphere 
  • Natural ingredients are used for manufacturing these of incense sticks that are obtained from dependable vendors of the industry
  • Our incense sticks are well packed to protect these from moisture and to prevent breakage
Vanilla Incense Stick

Vanilla plan folia grows today in tropical climates, in Mexico and South America, Caribbean, islands of the Indian Ocean, Indonesia… Vanilla growing in Mexico is considered to be one of the best, due to the fact that it grows in the country of its origin, however, the production there is not big.

Vanilla Bourbon comes from Madagascar, an island in the Indian Ocean, which is considered to be the biggest producer of vanilla, as they produce 1,000 tons of pods per year, Comoro Islands and Reunion islands.

The same variant is grown in Africa and Indonesia.It was named after the former name of the Reunion Island, Bourbon, a name given in honor of the royal house.

Bourbon vanilla is the same Vanilla plan folia, but the new and different conditions of production by all means affect the quality of taste and smell Vanilla Bourbon is of rich scent and taste.

This kind of vanilla is used for production of natural vanillin produced by pods in a form of crystals, during the process of drying.

Ponds Incense Stick

lola Incense Stick are exported with excellent aromas spreading the fragrance around the surroundings calm. We manufacture these incense sticks using supreme quality materials with the quality standards and supply them with high quality packings of Hexa: 20 sticks, Squre: 8 sticks.

These Incense sticks are widely used in the shops, temples hotels which controls one’s mind, and creates an extraordinary ambience. These lola incense sticks are available in different types of fragrances and quantity and are accessed at affordable prices.

Strawberry Incense Stick

strong and deep pink, this scent is a sweet yet tart addition to any fragrance collection. It smells reminiscent of a popular strawberry gum and is a great fix for one too many spicy scents during the holiday season. 

The power of scent should not be underestimated. It can be a boost to our emotions and mental well-being. Odours can even change our mood.

Roses Incense Stick

We’ve all heard the saying ‘stop and smell the roses’ referring to taking time out of our busy day to relax, unwind, and appreciate the simple things in life. But have you ever thought about taking that advice literally?

The rose scent is one loved by many for generations, it comes in many different forms and brings with it memories that put a smile on our face. From smelling roses in your mother’s garden, to the first rose you received from a loved one.

The beautiful fragrance of rose harmonizes the senses and puts a smile on your face. An uplifting scent may be more beneficial to your health than you think. Smell is the strongest of our senses and can cause immediate reactions as it is directly linked to our emotions.

A pleasant smell can reduce stress and lower the heart rate. The rose aroma has been shown to have anti-depressant benefits as it is traditionally used to calm and uplift. This makes it the perfect mood-lifting scent to use in the morning whether it be spraying rose scented mist, perfume, or using a moisturizer with a rose fragrance to keep you smelling lovely throughout the day.

Zed Black Incense Stick

Agarbatti (also known as Incense Sticks) is traditionally a product of the Cottage industry in India. Agarbatti is derived from Sanskrit word Agaravarthi, (gara = odor, agar = aroma, varthi = wound).It is made from Bamboo sticks, Charcoal, Jiggit etc., and a fragrance that is applied to it as required.

Rainbow Incense Stick

As a prominent exporter and wholesaler we offer the rainbow Incense Stick . In this fragrance stick you will enjoy the fragrance of nature . mixture of mud of the rain fest.Fresh fragrance of the first rain.

Dollar Incense Stick

Dollar fragrance is the mixture of vanilla , jasmine and lavender Agarbatti (also known as Incense Sticks) is traditionally a product of the Cottage industry in India.Agarbatti is derived from Sanskrit word Agaravarthi, (gara = odor, agar = aroma, varthi = wound).

It is made from Bamboo sticks, Charcoal, Jiggit etc., and a fragrance that is applied to it as required.

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